What is an 18650 battery?

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                  What is an 18650 battery?

                  As a representative of cylindrical lithium battery, 18650 lithium batteryhas been highly concerned by the market. What is 18650 lithium battery? What are the types of 18650 lithium batteries?

                  1. Battery definition

                  Among 18650 lithium batteries, the numbers 18650 represent the external dimensions: 18 represents the diameter of 18mm, 65 represents the length of 65mm, and 0 represents the cylindrical battery. It is a standard lithium-ion battery model set by Sony Company in Japan in order to save cost, which is called 18650 lithium battery.

                  2. Flat and pointed 18650 lithium battery

                  Flat head 18650 lithium battery: without protection plate.

                  Tip 18650 lithium battery: with protection plate, because the top of the protection plate is protruding, and the protruding part is the protection plate.

                  18650 lithium battery is a kind of industrial battery. In order to reduce the cost, it does not have a protection plate. However, in the use of lithium battery, attention should be paid to over discharge, which will cause damage to the lithium battery. The purpose of the protection plate is to prevent over discharge of the battery. So the 18650 lithium battery products generally need additional protection circuit.

                  How to choose high quality 18650 battery?

                  18650 batteries are different from other standard batteries. Among various brands, there are different quality levels and different brands have their own core competitiveness. That's why we say that the best 18650 lithium battery is the best one for ourselves. Therefore, when choosing 18650 batteries, we should consider the following factors:

                  1. Brand

                  2. Capacity

                  3. Voltage

                  4. Continuous discharge rate

                  5. Chemical properties

                  6. Battery life

                  7. Safety performance

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